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Inga [adj. n.] indigenous Colombian clan

This fine bracelet with arrowed and asymmetrical lines is the perfect complement for a modern look with a touch of exoticism. The copper and dark blue tones are reminiscent of bronze and twilight. 

  • Glass beads Miyuki from Japan
  • Adjustable Braided Rope with 925 Sterling Silver Beads

♡ Each bracelet is entirely handmade by artisans on the path to freedom. LIBER-ARTE.


Each of our pieces is carefully handcrafted  by craftswomen who are passionate about their heritage and know-how. Like them, some pieces may vary and be slightly different from each other depending on the materials and their shape. This is what makes each piece of jewelry unique.


  • We want you to enjoy your precious jewelry for as long as possible with the help of these little tips and tricks.

    • Avoid contact with chemicals and/or cosmetics that may alter jewelry materials such as perfumes, lotions, hair styling products, cleaners, oils, etc.
    • Keep your jewelry in a pouch (the one we provide for example!) or a jewelry box to prevent them from getting tangled and damaged.
    • Keep your jewelry away from water and humidity, in a dry place. Remove your jewelry before showering, swimming or activity involving sweat.
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