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Mokïma [nf] insect in the native language of the clan Okaina.

Like a fan of colors, the Mokïma  is embroidered in several rich tones that match perfectly with the delicate details at the center of the earring and the clasp in stainless steel and plated in 14k gold. 


Available colors: terracotta / pink-blue / pink-green

Each of our pieces is carefully handcrafted in Colombia by craftswomen who are passionate about their heritage and know-how. Like them, some pieces may vary and be slightly different from each other depending on the materials and their shape. This is what makes each piece of jewelry unique.

Mokïma - earrings

  • We want you to enjoy your precious jewelry for as long as possible with the help of these little tips and tricks.

    • Avoid contact with chemicals and/or cosmetics that may alter jewelry materials such as, perfumes, lotions, styling products, cleansers, oils, etc. 
    • Keep your jewelry in a pouch (the one we provide for example!) or a jewelry box to prevent them from getting tangled and damaged.
    • Keep your jewelry away from water and humidity, in a dry place. Remove your jewelry before showering, swimming or activity involving sweat.
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